Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Saatva Discount Code Debate Ignites Mattress Industry Chaos

You go to buy a Casper mattress, there's a discount available.  Then you go looking for a Leesa mattress, promo codes here, there, and everywhere.  Same story for Yogabed.  Then you go to Saatva, expecting the same old story, and they just ignore the status quo.  NO discounts.  In this market, it seems unbelievable, but it's utterly true.  In the Saatva Coupon Policy discussion on Slumber Sage, we discuss the theory behind this bold move by Saatva.

And believe me, the theory is sound.

Saatva knows that they have a great product, and they have no need to really stand apart from the other companies with these small discounts.  Saatva believes that they have a great product at a tremendous value, so why belittle that belief and insult the customer with a small additional coupon?

Customer trust is everything, especially in the mattress market.  A customer must believe you.  You absolutely must respect your customer and always be true to her.  Saatva may be different, but they know what they believe in.

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